Girls at Finance Dept.

Their computers are having problem again. Jessie said that her PC unable to connect to JDE and MS Word behaves strangely. After questioned her a few questions, i found out that her PC has just replaced from old system. Mosheed only transferred the HD to the new PC. And its my job to clear the mess…

The first thing that i noticed was the missing drivers for her Video Adapter and Sound Card. After sometime spent playing around with her system, i found out that she can’t connect to DHCP server. Damn.. this is quite a problem..

After installed all required drivers, i start probing the network … sigh.. no hope…

After sometime spent nibbling honey-dew and Papaya at canteen, an idea come up in my mind.. although Jessie’s PC unable to get ip from DHCP, but if we assign the IP address manually it might work.

Lo and behold .. it did works… hehehe.. All well ends well eh ??!??

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