When Your Friend Goes Vacation To Japan

Today a friend of mine went for vacation to Japan. During lunch yesterday, many of my female colleagues passed him money as they want to buy cosmetics from Japan. These made-in Japan cosmetics are quite popular among the girls. Then he asked me whether I want anything from Japan. Hmm… though question. The only answer I can come up was T-Shirt :)

So yeah.. I kept thinking about what kind of things that are interesting, can only be found in Japan, and not cosmetics ? 😀 I mean, what do guys want to buy from Japan?

So preparing for my next colleague (I am yet to found out who he or she is :P) who will go to Japan, I googled for some interesting things to buy from Japan. Ok, let see what we have ..

Japan Art Print by Ignacio
  1. Phallus-shaped foods, candy, key-chain, bookmarker and vagina-shaped sake pitcher. Interesting …. 😛 Too bad the festival is only held every 15 March
  2. If I am an Otaku, I might buy manga, anime and Gundam toys. But I’m not, so it’s a no :)
  3. Gadgets? Too bad I am kinda short in cash a cheapo (Russel Peters said, “It’s in your blood man…”). And beside, I have my own way of shopping :)

Hmm.. so yes.. I think I am settle with T-Shirt :) Unless you have different opinion?

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