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Do you know Helloween ? They’re one of the famous band ever ascend from Germany beside Scorpions, and … the most famous of them all … Dschinghis Khan

Back to the topic, i’ve known Helloween since high school, thanks to Nunung and Onny, these two are the one who had introduced me to Helloween ( and heavy/speed metal bands definitely .. ). FYI, before high school I’m practically blind about music … all I know was only Dewa and those songs played on TVRI’s Sunday music program ( which most of them are Dangdut 😛 )

So my first taste of Helloween was the ‘Master of The Rings’ album. The one that immediately catched in my ears were ‘Why ?’ and ‘Perfect Gentlement’. After listened the album for more than 5 rounds, i finally fell in love with this album. I bought their next Album, which is Time of The Oath, also immediately fell in love with it. As for ‘Better Than Raw’, it took me quite sometime to digest it.. as i found it very ‘fast’ and ‘heavy’.

So today i will marathon Helloween in my room .. from the first album till the latest …

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