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There is always a time when you opened your fridge and goes, ‘Huh… we still have this thing ?”. Then you turned the thing upside down looking for the expiry date. When you found the expiry date on the package, it makes you wondering what todays’ date is and started using your fingers to count how many days had passed since. And it makes you remember one episodes of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ where Malcolm and Reese making a competition on eating the expired food.

So that thing happened to me, last Saturday to be exact. I woke up with empty stomach. So I did the same sequence I described above, and I make the same competition as Malcolm and Reese. Me against Myself :P. Yup, good versus evil.

The 2 packs of Tofu had been expired since 12 December, so that’s like 12 days. And another great saying was echoed in my head, “Expired food is still good at most 3 months after its expiry date” said by Eko Yudhi Pratomo 😛 So what the hell.. I’ll just go cook it for lunch. (Actually I fried it.. no additional ingredients, just plain fried tofu. )

Fried two more pieces of Japanese Crispy Chicken, then I’m done. My lunch is ready. Yup, the high carb and high fat diet .. ( Sigh.. contrary to what I’m supposed to eat >.< ).

Finishing my lunch, I was prepared for any ill effect of the expired tofu. But hey, I didn’t feel any ill effects at all. So at night I repeated to fried the last of the expired tofu, but this time I also promoted it to my friend with a disclaimer that ‘this tofu is expired, I ate it for my lunch, but nothing wrong happened to me’. So they bought my claim, they consumed it.

Hmm.. If we keep on doing this, I think we can create our own Fear Factor, Blk 664A Edition 😛

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  1. Did you check the expiry date on YOU?

    Great blog. I am a non-techie so appreciate your clear explanations. I have one suggestion for your blog: the photo you use to identify yourself looks so stiff and unhappy. How about replacing it with a happier picture!

  2. Hehe.. I’m not expired yet =P

    Apart from being a heavy smoker, overweight, lack of physical exercise and lazy, I am Healthy as a horse. Uhm.. wait .. (T_T)

  3. Dear “The chronicle of Expired Tofu (soya bean Cake),

    Good 4u nothing happens to you after eating that expired tofu but not 4me. Just yesterday, I ate an expired tofu, without knowing that it is already expired. Actually, it was in a can, BUT, big “but” no expiry date is indicated. Yup, i just fried it, did not put anything. hen before I went to bed, I noticed that I’m having few small-small red spots on my legs….I just ignored it. When I woke up this morning, it became more, likewise on my face, in my arms & some small ones in my body. I am still oberving if it will subside. Now, completed one day, small red spots are still there but not so red as before. If something worse will hppen, I will go directly to a doctor.
    Whew! Supermarkets / Stores should always put the true exiry dates on their products. I don’t want this to happen again…so long!!! —Ms. Fhod

  4. Ms Fhod, your experience sounds more like hives than a reaction to expired food. Hives are itchy red bumps that go away on their own in a matter of days, and are a reaction to an allergy or stress. Perhaps you’re allergic to tofu? (Or anything else you’d eaten in a couple of days around that time.)