Storm is coming

So I am now the main person responsible for LMS development for Star Horizon. And yeah, i’m under their cheque-book now 🙂

After modifying a couple of Datagrids so that they are sortable and page-able, I’m now stuck with the number of multiple connections connected to the MySQL server.

Our System consists of MyODBC, .NET Framework 1.1, IIS. 6 and MySQL Database server.

Today i run some dummy test, basically i used two computers to login to LMS using different username. I was playing around with the datagrids to see their effect to MyODBC. I was continually clicking the sorting button and changing the page number of the datagrids.

Maybe after only 5 iterations with 2 users, i generated almost 100 connections between MyODBC to MySQL. (Check the screenshot)

At the moment i dont have any clear picture what will happen if let say, 1000 users login at the same time. I dare to say its gonna be a darn gloomy day… hehe..

So what i can do now is just increasing the number of concurrent connection allowed to the MySQL server.

So i increased the number of connections from 800 to 20000.

Hmm.. let me get some volunteers or tools to test it.

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