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How often do we write emails in a day? For myself, at least once a day. Mr. Dan Santow advises us on how to write the email’s subject better. But why do we need to write the email’s subject better? Definitely to make us look more professional, and reduce the possibility of HR Manager having regrets for hiring a person who unable to create good subject on their emails 🙂

Highlight of his advises is Write it after you write the email body, and keep it short. Interestingly, folks at Lifeclever take it to the extreme by suggesting to write email with subject only. I personally think this idea of subject-only email is brilliant. Imagine when your boss email/SMS you saying that the Web Application on the production server is down. After fixing it, you could just this email:

It will take only seconds. Although you know, you still to write the report for Monday meeting.

But it is interesting considering that the local customs tend to promote ‘beating-the-bush’. Will subject-only emails makes us scorned? Another interesting discussion would be whether this subject-only-emails applicable when communicating with people outside your organization/clients? Since doing that might render us as being rude and lazy 🙂

So my conclusion would be:

  1. I will take Mr. Dan Santow’s advise wholeheartedly
  2. Lifeclever’s advise is good for making your communications more effective. But in the beginning you might need to give a one-time warning/ask permission about the possibility of you sending them subject-only emails in the future

Ok. That’s my take. What about yours?

Get your email read with a killer subject line
Subject to Change
Get to the point with subject-only emails
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