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As you of might notice, this blog actually died and revived in the short span of 4 days. On March 19th, I started a blog called ‘Young Executive’ hosted on After continuosly changing templates and modifying them for 2 days, I finally settled with my template modification and start posting. Alas, apparently 2 days ago Netfirms sent me an email to confirm my hosting transaction within 2 days. It is too late … my hosting was canceled. Although the the templates are intact, all my posts are gone. Here i am back to square 0 …

These are the mistakes that i made:

  1. Did not carefully read netfirms email
  2. Did not backup my database

To backup WordPress’ database you might want to use WP-DB-Backup. But if you have a blog with many posts and comment you should use the official WordPress backup guide.

As for me, I’ll wallow through the night and promise myself not to repeat the same silly mistake again.

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About Hardono

Hi, I'm Hardono. I am working as a Software Developer. I am working mostly in Windows, dealing with .NET, conversing in C#. But I know a bit of Linux, mainly because I need to keep this blog operational. I've been working in Logistics/Transport industry for more than 11 years.

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  1. In case you wonder, the old blog was

  2. So why the change? Because we won’t be young forever like Alphaville?

  3. It’s proven that putting the word ‘Young’ into your blog name will become a Jinx and killed your blog afterwards 😛

  4. I hope this blog will die old with happiness 🙂

  5. Hi Fleur =)

    Amien for that …