A Potentially Great Online Image Storage

Image Hosting for Ummah

I just found this online image storage which DOESN’T require you to create account to upload images/photos.

It also have a catchy tag, “Image hosting for the ummah”. Targeting the muslim population perhaps?


  • No account required. Just upload and take note the image URL
  • Hot-linking is allowed. The image can be used anywhere, your website, blog, or auctions.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Sounds great!!!
  • Unlimited number of images. Sounds promising!!!


  • No explanation regarding the intellectual right of the image uploaded. Will the image automatically belong to imgspot.com??
  • Your image can’t be too popular. It will be deleted if imgspot.com consider the image is ‘extremely high usage’. No clear definition of ‘extremely high usage’ found in the TOS.
  • You can’t upload pornographic material. Well someone out there definitely will be sad for unable doing so ^_^!
  • If imgspot.com consider a material is infringing the TOS, the image will be removed. In extreme case, the user will be banned. But how to ban user if no account is required to upload image? Are they going to ban the IP? So there is a possibility that your image is banned because of your naughty neighbour


  • This website has been around since 2004. They put Adsense adverts in the upload page. Your clicks might help their survival =P
  • Use this service for fun. Be prepared to loss your images/photos.
  • Practical. No account is needed
  • I will use it. If my image is removed, Photobucket and Flickr are still around as my safety net =)

So what do you think?

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