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After frustated unable to get my source codes displayed smaller, I decided to play around with CSS’ font-size for our amusement.

Testing Font
Possible value:
.. any font installed on your system
Possible values:
pixel, example: 10px 8px
point, example: 8pt
old-school HTML, example: 1 2 3 … 8
ems, example: 0.8em 1em

Done using Javascript:

<script language="javascript">

function UpdateFont()
    var objTarget = document.getElementById('divtarget'); // a div
    var objSourceFont = document.getElementById('txbFont'); // a textbox
    var objSourceSize = document.getElementById('txbSize'); // a textbox
    if (objTarget != null && objSourceFont != null && objSourceSize != null)
   { = objSourceSize.value; = objSourceFont.value;



W3C Standard
W3School Tutorial
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