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One thing that I like about living in Singapore is the vast availability of computer hardware. Many Singaporeans are having tendency to become first adopter. That is way, most of the time you can find not-so-new computer hardware with less than half of the market price. Especially after any Computer Exhibitions (IT Show, PC Show, SITEX, COMEX) held here. It’s almost become a routine that after shop-craze at the exhibition, people will start selling away their old hardware.

Hardwarezone is my only destination when I’m looking for computer hardware and sometimes software. Usually first I will look for the price of new items in Sim Lim Square stores, then I head to the Hardwarezone’s Marketplace Forum. At this forum, you can find many things for sale/auction, not only limited to computer hardware. Items ranging from Condom to Samurai sword are for sale/auction here :-). Sometimes a mass-order for certain item also started by a user who has contact with the overseas-distributor. Participating in mass-order could get you a lot less price than buying that particular item in the brick-and-mortar shop.

Addiction to Hardwarezone’s Marketplace Forum is almost the similar to addiction of blogging or digging. You could spend hours and hours lurking in the forum, looking what people are selling/auctioning. When a certain item catches your attention, you will start wondering whether you *actually* need that item, since the price is so cheap compared to the price in the shop. So yes, it’s quite dangerous place especially for impulsive buyers and people with shopping disorder 🙂 (and yes, i’m warning myself :-P)

One note though, although most users in the Forum are honest, there are people that will intentionally scam you out. So be careful when when posting bids/orders. Make sure you’ve read through the item description. Because when you withdraw your bid out of good will, especially after asking the seller to meet up, it’s you that become the scammer (bad buyer, to be exact). And the Forum users are not really fond with scammer/bad buyer.

Unfortunately, sellers in the Forum are quite reluctant to deal with overseas buyers. They prefer to deal locally, usually because both party could meet up to finalize the deal. So it’s quite difficult for overseas buyer to order/place bids. Unless of course, you stated that you will send/transfer the money before the seller sending you the item. Again, please make sure the seller has a good reputation. You can check for their reputation by looking at their posts/comments in Forum’s threads. The best would be when you have friends in Singapore and asked them to bid the item for you.

Hopefully this posting will help you in one way or another. Feel free to drop comments if you have question.

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Hi, I'm Hardono. I am working as a Software Developer. I am working mostly in Windows, dealing with .NET, conversing in C#. But I know a bit of Linux, mainly because I need to keep this blog operational. I've been working in Logistics/Transport industry for more than 11 years.

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  1. If you think the title of this post is weird.. think of it like ‘How to shop for your wife (in Singapore)’ 😛

  2. Halo, numpang comment ya.
    Blognya bagus,banyak adsense-nya lagi.
    Kayaknya udah pakar ya di bidang per-adsense-an. Aku juga lagi belajar buat web+adsense. Masih pemula :), ilmunya boleh disharing ya. Siapa lagi alumni TN yang pakar di bidang ini? biar aku bisa belajar.

    Ade Hendra, TN3

  3. Halo bang ^^

    Website abang adsense juga gak kalah gitu 🙂

    Prinsip adsense sih “Dont ever click your own ads” =) Lagian kalo banyak yang ngeclick tapi cuman buat iseng juga berbahaya bang…

  4. blog webku dibuat beberapa bulan yang lalu, diutak-atik buat optimasi, sempat punya ranking bagus digoogling buat kata kunci tertentu, namun udah 2 minggu ini hilang dari google,gak tau kenapa, mungkin masuk sandbox atau delisted :(.

    Udah dapat banyak belum dari adsense? :), kalau ada trik2 buat optimasi web bagi2 ya… ( via japri aja).

  5. hi,

    I prefer go to funan instead of Simlim. If you just buy something below $100, funan is better. There is no significant discount for such thing below 100 :).

    I can do browsing, yeah you know what I mean. I like to do windows shopping for any pheriperals at Challenger or South Asia.

  6. hi Bro MCA,

    thanks for visiting this *noob* blog =) I usually go for window shopping after I got what I want (usually at Fuwell). So I will walk around and take the elevator instead of lift.