Internet has now became inseparable factor of my life. I could mindlessly browsing slashdot, digg, lifehacker, blogs@ikastara (which later leads me to other indonesian blogs) and burn hours of my ‘precious’ time.

And this has to stop. For example today, I was supposed to be writing code to create an email relay, and completes the dotnetnuke project. After 10 lines of C# code, 1 hour testing telnet to connect SMTP and POP server, and 4+ hours browsing through websites mentioned in previous paragraph, I ended up hating myself for not doing what I supposed to do.

There’s a saying “the poison is your cure” (I hope I’m not made up that one :P), which fits the situation when I read this Article @ Lifehacker.

On average, I spent 4 hours to read blogs. I definitely need to curb the number of hours into somewhere 1 to 2 hours. What about you? How many hours you spent reading blogs? Do you plan to stop/reduce the number of hours?

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