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Have you watched the movie titled Lord of War starred by Nicholas Cage? It’s about a weapon dealer(Nicholas Cage) selling arms illegally to the warring parties in Africa. The movie chronicles his journey which started by selling guns and pistols to street-gang members, and growing to the point of purchasing machine guns, tanks, and even jet-fighters from East European countries and selling them to African Warlords.

Apparently the true story-inspired movie is not far from reality, a Singaporean man pleads guilty for supplying illegal arms to Tamil Tigers. He was conspiring with two Indonesians to provide arms and ammunitions to Tamil Tigers, which is listed as a terrorist organization by US.

Since the criminal offence was committed in US soil, they are bound to the US law. The three of them are currently under US Federal Government Custody in Maryland. They are facing maximum 15 years and USD$500,000 fine sentence.

I’m not a war/suicide bombers/terrorist person. I love peace :-). I believe that resolving differences using physical/weaponry power will degenerate us back to the jungle, where the mighty rules and the weak suffers. So I hope all the guilty parties in this case will receive the punishment that they deserved. For the rest of us, let’s start small by trying to resolve any of our differences using dialogues, not fists.

From Singapore with love!

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