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Open up my GMail, I found one advertisement from GoDaddy(my current host ^_^!) promoting .MOBI domain.

Taken from the email:
With a .MOBI domain, you can:

  • Catch the latest wave in wireless technology. A .MOBI allows your family members and friends to surf your site directly from their cell phones, smartphones, Windows® Mobile Devices and RIM® devices—on the train, at the coffee shop, anywhere!
  • Tell the world your site is mobile-friendly! .MOBI is recognized worldwide as the Top-Level Domain of mobile-optimized sites.
  • Publish mobilecasts. You can even share mobilecasts from your .MOBI site.

Currently GoDaddy offers $20 for two .MOBI domains

A quick google search for .MOBI returned about 184,000 links. So it’s relatively small compared to 1,340 millions of .COM domains, or 82.3 millions of .NET domains.

I think: .MOBI is not really for general population. If you are a content-provider which target mobile device users, this might be your choice to distribute your contents. Any .MOBI website must be optimized for mobile device users. So it is guaranteed that visitors to .MOBI website will receive content optiomized for the small screen.

Check out Wikipedia entry on .MOBI

So has anyone opened up their .MOBI shop?

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