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I was uploading my images to Photobucket when I saw a headline linked to Photobucket’s blog. Apparently Myspace has restricted their users from using videos which are hosted at Photobucket. Thus, all videos that previously hosted in Photobucket will not shown in Myspace website anymore.

I have tried to search for Myspace official press release regarding this matter, but I couldn’t find any page on Myspace website that state the restriction of using videos hosted at Photobucket.

Personally I think this is strange, considering Photobucket is the most dominant image hosting provider in Myspace. Although the images is not restricted, but implementing restriction without any clear explanation will render you as being arrogant. Will disabling these videos will trigger mass user migrations to other social networking sites? Is Myspace testing its users’ loyalti?

Whatever Myspace’s intention, it’s a bad move. The recent growth of many websites that touted themselves as Web 2.0 (basically website with social networking functionality) might provide alternatives for Myspace users. There is a reason why it is called social networking/online community. I think the community won’t like the idea of having host which suddenly implement restrictions without giving any clear-cut explanations. When your host does not play nice, it’s time to pack your bags and move to somewhere else better. Even though if MySpace eventually gives in and permit videos from PhotoBucket, are you sure they won’t do it again? Especially when this time they can get away without being punished?

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  1. great article – but what a bummer that they’d do that! hopefully other bigger brands like get on the ball and take over and provide video uploading. i know hostwave has a lot of servers who have a lot of different ip#’s you can select from and use. that be a lot of IP#’s, urls to try to block on myspace!

  2. Apparently this is not the first time my space doing that.
    Mashable reported it here: