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The city-state will spend up to 1.5 billion Singapore dollars (US$989 million; €727 million) on the system which is intended to standardize training, software and maintenance, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore said in a statement Thursday.

Personal computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Co. and electronics maker NEC Corp. are leading two of the four groups expected to submit proposals for the project by its June 7 deadline, The Straits Times newspaper said. The contract will be awarded by Oct. 10, it said.

So where does that leaves the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)? Does they have the chance to participate in the tender? Unfortunately, in order to participate in the tender, a company must have a certain amount of capital. So this is one the possible barrier for a company to participate in the tender.

So where are the tender? And what is the minimum capital required for a company to participate? Unfortunately I can’t list them here, too many of them. Check out Gebiz for the details.

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  1. Interesting. I wonder what the future holds for the rest of us consumers too.

  2. I read the Strait Times on the other day, it’s said that one of the purpose of the IT upgrade is to make sure informations like maps, which hotel to stay, which food court is recommended is easily available to tourists/visitors.

    As for the Singaporeans, one that I can immediately think of is the recent grant to schools to enable them to purchase Computers and hire in-house IT Trainer. For the rest, we pay higher tax =P

  3. yea, thank goodness I’m not at the period yet to pay taxes. 😀 It is indeed a costly venture, or joint project, whatever we call it.

  4. I believe you’re referring to Income Tax =) I don’t see that our Income tax is going to be increased. But GST is now 7% =)