So What Did We Learn Today

It’s good to know that the British sailors are released by Iran. Although it’s difficult if not impossible, I hope peace will be restored in Middle East. Everyone will live happily, no more suicide bombers, no more roadside bombs, no more car bombs, no more bombs in the market. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are live side by side without trying to kill each other. Everyone knows that death is as certain as tax, why should we make it sooner?

A train accident happened in Paris. Thanks God no one killed, although 50 people are injured. The train belongs to the state-owned rail company (SNCF) hit the buffers at the train station in Paris. It’s a bit tragic considering a few days back another French’s railway company, TGV was hailed and showered with compliments for breaking speed record.

Grieve news for male-adulterer, a silly law is going to be amended. Apparently in Uganda if you are married and then you cheated, you MIGHT offended the law. Yes .. might, if you are male. But if you are female and do the same thing, you ARE offending the law. Yeah right …

And news from Indonesia, Indonesian Playboy Editor is cleared from the criminal charges. I am not sure whether I should happy or not. I have a friend working there, but I also have many friends who opposed Indonesian Playboy’s existence. Personally I believe book like ‘Jakarta Undercover” is more morally destructive compared to Playboy. And this opinion based only from the excerpt of that book.

And finally, my dear club Manchester United lost to AS. Roma. In the first leg of quarter-final match, Roma beaten Manchester United 2-1. Paul Scholes was sent off on the 33rd minute. Fortunately, Wayne Rooney scored to give us the precious away goal. Hopefully we can do better at Old Trafford.

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