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Until now, I have wasted many hours searching for the best WordPress plugins that might help me to make this blog looks great. Hopefully this list will help you to save your precious time.

  1. C6 Excerpt
    To get a more flexible excerpt out of your blog entry
  2. Feed Burner Feed Replacement
    To redirect feed request to Feedburner. Thus, reducing traffic load.
  3. Google Sitemaps
    To make Google indexes your blog better
  4. Link To Me Textbox
    To nag people to link back to your blog entry
  5. Most Commented
    To display blog entries with most comments
  6. Recent Comments
    To display recent comments made by your blog visitors (not the alien, big brother, or the janitor) DOH!
  7. Related Posts
    To display a list of your blog entries which somehow related to the current entry.
  8. Run PHP
    Allows you to run PHP code in your post.
  9. Sexy Comments
    Make the comments look like forum post.
  10. Ultimate Warrior Tag
    Allows you to tag your blog entries.
  11. WP-Email
    Allows your visitors to send blog entry to his/her friends through email.
  12. WP-PageNavi
    Better page navigation for your blog.
  13. WP-Polls
    Add polls to your blog.
  14. WP-Stats
    Shows your blog statistics.
  15. WP-UserOnline
    Displays the visitors of your blog
  16. WP-Syntax
    Beautifully highlight source code embedded in your blog entry
  17. WP-Translate
    Translate your blog to many languages. Klingon and Elvens is not yet supported.
  18. WP-Postratings
    Let your visitors rate how good/sucks your writing skills are
  19. Gregarious
    Let your visitors share your good/sucks blog entries to other people

The WP-Postratings and Gregarious added one day after this post published 🙂

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