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A few days back, Dorota asked me to share the trick of those flags under this blog title. So here you are the WordPress plugin.

This plugin initially developed by Scott Hough. The original translation service used was Google Translate. But I was disappointed by the frequent errors thrown by Google Translate. Another bug was, you cannot translate more than once. To translate into other language, you need to go back to the original page and click different flag.


  1. Your blog must be written in English. This is because only this language can be translated into many languages by Babel Fish.
  2. You are using WordPress 1.5 and above. It’s tested in WordPress 2.1 (this blog (^_^)v )
  3. You have access to install the plugin

Installation and Usage Guide:

  1. Extract the zip file, upload the wp-translate directory to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.
  3. Add <?php translate(n); ?> to your template where you want the flags to be displayed. n can be either 1 or 2. 1 is for a vertical display. 2 makes it horizontal.

For non WordPress user, you can still use this plugin provided your Web Server supports PHP. To do so, please follow this steps:

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Edit wp-translate.php which is located in wp-translate directory
  3. At line 103, replace $img_loc = get_settings(’siteurl’) . ‘/wp-content/plugins/wp-translate’; with $img_loc = ‘/wp-translate’;
  4. Save the file
  5. Upload the wp-translate directory to your root folder.
  6. In the page you want the flags to be displayed, put <?php include_once(realpath($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]).’/wp-translate/wp-translate.php’); ?> in the first line of the file.
  7. Add <?php wptranslate(n); ?> anywhere you want the flags to be displayed. n can be either 1 or 2. 1 is for a vertical display. 2 makes it horizontal.

If you like this plugin, please link-back to this post, or add me to your blog-roll. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Having problem with installing the plugin? You have ideas for the plugin? Post a comment and I will try my best to help you.

Sodeve’s WP-Translate 2.1

Update: 19 May 2007

Users of this plugin:

  1. Myself (^_^)v
  2. Founders Cafe
  3. Your Blog?
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