A girl wrote on her blog about a deceased schoolmate. She said that the death was well deserved. When she realised the insensitivity of her blog post, she decided to attend the wake to apologize to the family of the deceased, but angry teenage mutant ninja mobs attacked her outside the deceased house. Here are the Newspaper scanlations. And this is her blog.

Lesson to be learned:

  1. Blogger, in a way is similar to journalist . Although bloggers are not regulated by the journalism code of conduct, but a common sense might need to be used. Unless you are living in United States, where your freedom of speech is protected by the 2nd Amendment. But a defamation/libel lawsuit is still possible to be made against you.
  2. Blog entries are accessible to public. Whatever said in public might be used as evidence in the court of law. So please help yourself by not having any blog postings with any potential liability
  3. I really need to control my mouth (T_T) and re-checking my previous entries for any potential liability. Any comments?
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  1. Aku masukin digg tuh

  2. Cheers mate =)

  3. Ah yes, I’ve seen too many times, especially teenage girls dump their emotion in the accessible-by-public blog!! Even at the same time writes “I wish my ….(mom, bf/gf, teacher, etc) don’t see this”… Errr… Internet is public, what worse, searchable by your name (if you use your real name that is). I think parents and teachers have to inform these young kids not to dump their personal info on blogs, especially due to reason lots of sick paedophile out there!!!!!

  4. Hit-nya naek jadi berapa?

  5. @made: Same old .. same old (^_^)

  6. Was #3 for lesson learned indirectly pointed to me? LOL.

    Bro (this OOT) Anjar still gives no confirmation. I think that he wrote that himself.

  7. I agree. as bloggers I think we should be responsible enough to the sensitivity of the readers. Or if cant control the emotion, at leaset put a PS note or a caution that what they are about to read is somehw needs discretion. nice blog bro.

  8. I actually write all of my diary entries in wordpress… but all of the entries are private and the blog address is also quite obscure. I just hope that no one will find a quick and easy method to peek into wordpress’ private entries. Not that my entries are that important anyways…

  9. I guess blogging is the new definition of ‘Thinking out loud’. But if your blog is really offensive, make sure sure you live in a country that protect your freedom of speech, like US for example.

    I believe in Singapore, you can’t really blatantly offensive and rude in your blog. Racism and dissent is a serious offence here. So be careful with your blog posts (^_^)

    Personally I think being offensive and rude will not resulting in an healthy discussion. It will only make everyone defensive and close-minded.

  10. Yes, what is it that makes a personal blog entry interesting, but not embarrassing nor harmful? I agree that you definitely shouldn’t reveal anything too personal, but yet at the same time you must try to find a way of being personal enough so that your readers can somehow relate to them. It’s a fine line that you have to draw very carefully every time.

  11. @Petra: Indeed. I’ve read somewhere that your blog posts should make people either love you, or hate you. Writing somewhere in between will make it a rather forgettable posts.

  12. They hear, now now, how do we get people to listen ? hehe..well said, cheers !:)

  13. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  14. friend has given the link has not regretted that has come