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I watched the movie last Friday two weeks ago (25/05/2007) together with Artha. We watched it at Golden Village, Jurong Point. The show started at 1 AM. There were around 20 people that watched the movie. I guess not many people in Jurong West area were willing to watch the movie after midnight. (T_T)

Generally, I think the movie is mediocre great. Captain Jack Sparrow is still partially drunk. Although now he starts to hallucinate. Elizabeth Swann might won Oscar for ‘Heroine with the biggest shotgun hidden in her pants‘. As for William Turner, a surprising end is waiting for him. Not going to be a spoiler post here (^_^)/

Favorite scenes:

  1. Elizabeth Swann disarmed herself. That scene is hilarious
  2. Jack Sparrow talked to Capt. Teageu ( Jack’s father, a cameo by Keith Richards).
  3. Jack Sparrow talked to Giselle and Scarlett. Jack’s words basically sum up all the lies that most men ever committed to their partner. Classic!!!
  4. The battle scene Between Black Pearl v.s. Flying Dutchman. I think this battle is the pinnacle of the movie.

A few days later, Artha mentioned that after the credits there is an easter-egg scene. And we missed it. That night I was somehow quite disappointed with the movie and rushed out of the theatre.

And last Wednesday (30/05/2007), Yoga asked me whether I have watched Pirates of Caribbean 3. I answered ‘No’ because I was thinking to repay him back his treat (He bought me the ticket for Pirates of Caribbean 2). Also, I just recently receive my first pay check from NTUC Income. So a small treat to a friend shouldn’t be a harm, right?

We watched the movie at The Cathay. To my surprise, I enjoy the movie better than the first time. No more conundrums after watching the movie. So if you think Pirates of Caribbean 3 is confusing, watch it again 🙂 And make sure you are not watching the after midnight show time.

So what’s with the title of this post? Back at Square Zero? Well, only those who have watched the movie know what it means =P So go get your movie ticket! (^_^)

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