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I was a bit drowsy this morning in the office. So I quickly went to the pantry and took a cup of coffee from the vending machine. No coins are needed for this vending machine, thank you very much 🙂

After a few sips, I felt much better and started to think what does Wikipedia says about Caffeine. It is an interesting article really. Few things that I noted:

  1. Smoking and drinking coffee IS NOT a good combination. Smoking will shorten the duration of the caffeine effect. So if you drank too much coffee and want to sleep, start puffing!! Bad news for those night watchers which I believe most of them drinking coffee and smoking during the night.
  2. It took at most 45 minutes for the body to completely absorb and distribute the caffeine throughout your body
  3. The caffeine will be active in your body for around 4 hours. It might be longer depends on the age, gender and weight. It is also noted that the effect last much longer for children and pregnant women
  4. There has been success effort to purify caffeine and make them in powder form
  5. Taking too much caffeine might kill you. Estimated around 100 cups of coffee needed. And you must drink this 100s cups in very short time (i.e. the hundredth cup should be drunken when the first cup is still in effect). Of course this is slightly impossible, unless of course, when you snort the powder mentioned before! Announced as the first person who presumed dead because of caffeine is not an achievement you know!
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  1. Hello my friend, I tagged you as you are in my blog roll. Have a nice day to you
    health and wealth

  2. my day won’t start without coffee too! nice post.

  3. Yeah … caffeine also makes you a little bit sharper 🙂

  4. i drink 4 cups of coffee a day and i smoke, as long as its not 100 cups i will not worry that caffeine might kill me.

    keep posting, you are doing a great job with your blog

  5. I now limit to only two cups of coffee. One in the morning, and one after lunch 😀

    Keeps me alert in the office the whole day 😀