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Of course. I am talking about those pills offered by Morpheus to Neo in ‘The Matrix‘ movie. Isn’t a huge coincidence that Internet Explorer is ‘Blue’ and Firefox is ‘Red’?

Now, before you telling me ‘Dude, what the heck are you talking about?’. Imagine that we as Web Developers/Programmers become Neo. Then imagine that Natural laws such as gravity, electricity and magnetism are the W3C definition for HTML, CSS and XHTML.

OK, back to the movie. If Neo chooses the Red Pill, he will wake up from his ‘artificial life’ and life in the real world. He will suffer, but he will know the real world. But if Neo chooses the Blue Pill, he will carry on in his ‘artificial life’. He might never meet the hardship of the real world.

So the premise here are ‘Red Pill’ will bring you to real life. To get something, you must follow the natural laws (e.g. W3C’s HTML Definition). But ‘Blue Pill’ will make your life easier as you don’t need to always follow the natural laws (e.g. W3C’s HTML definition) yet you will still get the same thing.

For example, to get a tooltip for your images, Internet Explorer will only need the ALT attribute in your image. But Firefox will not display the tooltip if you use ALT attribute. Because according to the natural laws (i.e. W3C’s HTML Definition), ALT is to be displayed when the Image is not available. To have the tooltip, W3C’s rules stated that you must use the TITLE attribute in your images.

So throw away your ‘Blue Pill’ and take the ‘Red Pill’. As I said, you might suffer a little bit, but you will see the real world. =)

PS: This post was inspired by my inability to see the tooltips in my WP-Translate images. Apparently I’ve been consuming the Blue Pill without realizing it. >.< Reference:
Firefox, ALT Tags, and Tooltips

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