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One thing that always accompany me is my PDA. It’s an Ipaq RX3715 PDA. It has been accompanied me for 1 year plus. I bought the PDA from other person for $350 through So far it has served me well. Hopefully it will continue to do so.

One of the recent activities that I take interest on is reading classic literatures. I found out that this habit is the best way to kill time when I commute using MRT from my home to my workplace in the morning. At least this way I can keep the reading habit alive and make the commuting time efficient. It also prevent me from wasting the time when I queueing for something. So yes, it is a life-saver :).

I used to read those e-books in Microsoft Reader Format (I’ve read those classics such as Captain Blood, The Call of the Wild, Treasure Island, A Study in Scarlet, Great Expectations, The Prince, The Secret Garden in this format). When I recently rediscover the Project Gutenberg, I was really excited with the number of e-book collections available for download.

The best way to read the e-books from project Gutenberg is to install Vade-Mecum, a plucker document reader for Pocket PC.

So far I have downloaded all Mark Twain‘s books. And currently immersed with Tom Sawyer’s adventures.

In short:

  1. Download Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC
  2. Download Vade-Mecum, Plucker reader for Pocket PC
  3. Download the Free E-Books in Microsoft Reader Format
  4. Download the free E-Books in the Plucker Format

Have fun reading!

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  1. interesting but why would one read literature on small gizmo

    i mean book is always better

  2. Well.. it’s small but contains alot more than a book. You could also listen to music/watching movie when you get bored 😀