Cool Improvement on Double-Decker Bus

Cool SBS

I recently took a trip from my office to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower using Bus no. 2. As you see on the picture, there is a small lcd screen that indicates the number of seats available on the top-deck. It’s quite neat to save yourself from wasting time looking for available seats by peeking at the top-deck.

From the design of the lower-deck which provides wide spaces, I think this bus is specially designed to cater those on the wheelchair. Which was later confirmed when I saw the wheelchair sign in entrance door. This type of bus is mostly available in routes that serving City area (Chinatown, Orchard, Raffles City). I haven’t seen one in my ulu place (a.k.a. Jurong West):D

Note: ulu is a singlish adjective, very likely taken from Malay language, to describe a place that is so far away from ‘human civilization’ 😀 Well actually, any place in Singapore which is far from Orchard/City area usually labelled as Ulu. 😀

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