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Winamp, the famous MP3 player

For those of you who is currently managing a Windows 2003 Server (or any server), users upload MP3 files to the company server might poise a possible copyright infringement. If you are, hopefully this ARTICLE will help you do your work.

But please note that it could be possible that user actually upload the whole album in a document archive (zip, rar, ace, etc). So there are ways to work around the prohibition described in that article. So it’s actually a continuous effort from you to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials into your company server.

I take above approach as the curative approach. The preventive approach should be educating the users in your company about copyright infringements. And always let the users know that whatever they are doing in the company’s servers, they should be responsible to their actions. And don’t forgot to emphasize that “We’re watching you!” (and you may finish it with an evil laugh .. 😛 )

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