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Blogwalking is the easiest way to create a post 🙂 You don’t really need to think, you just need to randomly visit any blogs, then write down whatever you think about that blog, or what is interesting thing that’s happening in that blog.

So here’s my plan, every week I will visit 5 blogs that are listed either in MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog. So here they are:

  1. Above Popular by Mark. The blog has no specific theme, but given his job as an IT Administrator, his posts are very much related to computers (new hardware, digital media). Although he didn’t post anything new since Sept 2007, he left two posts that I found really intriguing. A YouTube video about a 2 years-old girl which has better skill to locate countries in a map than to pronounce their name. And another one is a well-thought article about the death of Hip hop music.
  2. A Not So Desperate Housewife by Rebecca. Rebecca is a wife to Shawn, an US Army Soldier. Her blog chronicled her life as a mother of two beautiful children, Michael and Lydia. Although she’s a self-confessed not-so-environmentalist, but she is doing her best to go green but practical in the same time.
  3. aiAlex by Alex. This beautiful silverish blog is about Web 2.0, Technology, and Blogosphere. I found many interesting articles here. A few of them are: 7 Easy Ways to Inspire Creativity, Need I Say More and The Formula for Designing a Successful Website, Simple to Understand and Execute
  4. 1/2 an Hour Later by Dave Heffernan. Although the topics in his blog quite varies, Dave can teach one or two things about getting fit. Great articles like Lose those Manboobs (looking at my Flatmate :P) and Keeping Motivated to Do Work Out will certainly beneficial to those who want to get fit and burn away the fats.
  5. Adapt, Adopt, and Improve by Anon. A Mus. From the way he picked his Blogspot profile name, I can sense that this fellow has a good sense of humor. I specially like his take mild-sarcastic but definitely amusing story of attending a Wedding ceremony. You can even see him doing some funny sketches. Well dude, whoever your name are, your blog definitely worth visiting again and again 😀

That’s all folks! If next weekend I really have nothing to do and specially… specially when I’m dry on ideas… you’ll see again another episode of BlogWalking.

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Hi, I'm Hardono. I am working as a Software Developer. I am working mostly in Windows, dealing with .NET, conversing in C#. But I know a bit of Linux, mainly because I need to keep this blog operational. I've been working in Logistics/Transport industry for more than 11 years.

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  1. agree with you, this is a great write, inspiring one… backlink already 😀

  2. nice post, BlogWalking is a new term for me. I learned something and that’s great! 🙂