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Inflammation caused by diabetes

This research concludes that a bad sleeping habit might expose yourself to diabetes.

So in short, there are two effects of bad sleeping habit to your Diabetes risks:

  1. Direct effect. The research found that the insulin level in your blood is reduced significantly when you didn’t get enough sleep.
  2. Indirect effect. Bad sleeping habit increases your chance of developing obesity. And being obese gives you higher risk to get diabetes

Short summarize of Diabetes taken from Wikipedia:

  1. Diabetes is an illness where the blood sugar level in a body is very high. This high level of blood sugar will cause the body to get easily fatigue, excessive urination, blurred vision, impotence for male, and bad ability in healing wounds (difficulty to stop bleeding).
  2. There are three types of Diabetes, Type 1, Type 2 and Diabetes resulted from pregnancy.
    • Type 1 is characterized by low insulin production caused by the autoimmune destruction of the cells that produce insulin.
    • Type 2 is characterized by insulin resistance by the cells in the body.
    • To some women with certain genetic condition, when they are pregnant, the pregnancy hormone will cause the insulin resistance, symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

So what should we do to stay healthy and stay away from Diabetes?

  1. Obviously, have a better sleeping habit. Have enough rest every night. Don’t forgot to switch off your light. Sleeping in total darkness will help to beef up your immune system.
  2. Stay fit. Don’t let yourself enjoy the comfort of being overweight, let alone obese.
  3. Stop smoking (hmm.. this is like talking to a mirror … 🙁 )
  4. And don’t forgot to pray … 🙂

Hmm.. this should become a good reason to motivate myself to stop smoking keep on reducing the number of my daily cigarettes consumption (and eventually stop), and kick off that ‘getting fit’ program that has long forgotten delayed by complicated reason.

Happy New Year and stay healthy people!

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  1. Sleep! I love sleep. So, maybe I won’t get diabetes. Interesting article.

  2. wish us always healthy bro… 🙂

    Hardono: I pray for your health and happyness in life 🙂