I was reading Alik Levin’s Blog which linked to an interesting article about increasing the performance of .NET application. The interesting questions are:

  • How to cache data?
  • How to handle communications?
  • How to handle concurrency?
  • How to handle components’ coupling/cohesion?
  • How to perform data access?
  • What algorithms to use?
  • How to handle exceptions?
  • How to handle resource management?
  • How to handle state management?

*read the article HERE

I strongly agree that every developer in any development Team should remember these questions (and know how to answer it, of course :D) by heart. And able take them as a consideration. My favorite donkey-bridge to these question is A-4C-D-E-R-S (Algorithm, Cache, Communication, Concurrency, Coupling, Data Access, Exceptions, Resource and State Management)

Even better if not best, if you could implement the answers to above questions as a standard framework for your development team. 😉

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  1. Hmm.. A-4C-D-E-R-S doesn’t seem to be quite easy to memorize. Maybe you can aim for more English phrase-like combinations? E.g.
    – READS C4
    – SACCRED CoCa :p

  2. hehe.. i like stuffs that are sorted in Alphabetical order 😛

  3. I think It is quite easy to remember ! hmm…….

  4. Donkey bridge… hahaha

  5. Are you Eriza Roni or Eriza Hafidz ?