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One of my flatmate bought this interesting book about Psychometric Test. It consists of succinct explanations and concepts, with more emphasis on training your skill. So if the job that you’re applying requires you to have Psychometric Test, make sure you get yourself prepared by not missing out this book.

The book covers 5 interesting subjects.

  • Firstly, the book will introduce you to what a psychometric test is all about and how to prepare yourself against such test. It also will give you tips on how to improve your performance during the test.
  • Secondly, it covers about Numerical Reasoning Tests. Numerical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to reason with numerical information. The book explains many types of question that you might face in this type of test. Then it will give you a plenty of practice questions for you to jog your memory.
  • Thirdly, the book explains about Verbal Reasoning Tests. Topics such as spelling, word comprehension, word analogies and text comprehension are all well covered here. The book also kind enough by pointing other free resources in Internet, should you need more practice questions
  • Fourthly, it covers the Abstract Reasoning Tests. This is my favorite subject. Why? Because this test assess your ability to identify patterns within diagrams, and I love searching for patterns :D. The practice questions is very similar to those that you find in your IQ Test.
  • Lastly, it discussed about Personality Questionnaire. I learned a lot from this chapter. It taught things like there is no wrong or right answer in a personality test, marking up your scores might punishes you by landing you a job that is not suitable. In short, you should be honest with your personality test. Also, making yourself ‘too good’, also might not necessarily land you the job. Because certain type of job requires certain type of personality.
Perfect Psychometric Test Result, all you need to get it right first time

In the last chapter of the book, there is a Personality Questionnaires. I have make available here. You can calculate your personality score here. Btw, you need to enable Javascript to make the question appear (I generate them using Javascript). To calculate your score, just click the button after the final questionnaire.

Free Psychometric Test

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Now that you know your personality scores, you need to interpret them. You could find the interpretation of these scores in the last chapter of this BOOK 😀 (Please don’t be angry .. I just want to practice my Javascript-fu. Not intending to receive a cease & desist order)

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