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I believe this would become the first ever big-screen action movie produced by Indonesian’s Army.

“Panggilan Pertiwi” is roughly translated as “Call of Motherland” or “Motherland’s Call”. From the trailer, I can sort of guessing that the story is about a region of Indonesia that is taken over by rebels. The rebels then declared their independence and separation from Indonesia. The rebels are surely painted as cruel and evil thugs by showing them attacking market, taking down Indonesian’s Flag, and killing unarmed civilian. Then to put down the rebellion, a squad of elite Indonesian Army is sent.

I predict there would be a very huge interest from Indonesian people to this movie. Some would love it, some would hate it. Will people hate this movie because of the Indonesian Army’s past records?

I personally thinks that this is something new and very very interesting. Never before a movie narrates the story of the present-day Indonesian Army. Usually movies about Indonesian Army are narrating the famous battles against Dutch, during the struggling period defending Indonesian’s Independence. Movies like “Serangan Umum 1 Maret” and “10 November 1945” are the good example of those kind of movies.

Does this movie symbolize the changing in the Army’s culture? Changing towards more open/transparent culture? Or this is just a PR work? I don’t think I can answer that question just based on the trailer. So let’s wait for the movie to be released.

But I do hope the movie’s plot will be more than just rebels attack market, killing civilians, elite Army squad is sent, bang-boom-bang, army win, rebels killed, civilians happy. A more complicated plots would add the strength of this movie. Few plots come to my mind:

  1. One of the rebels is having blood-relation to one of the elite squad, causing struggles between personal affections and professionalism.
  2. The squad was ambushed and then the sole survivor manage to complete the mission vanquishing the rebellion in Rambo/Commando style.
  3. One of the rebels is actually a soldier in undercover. While one of the elite squad is actually a mole
  4. The rebels are actually a satan-worshipper cult. They managed to open the gate to hell. All civilians in that region become brain-eating zombies

Hehe.. all my plots are very cliché indeed:D

What do you have in mind/expectations regarding this movie?

This movie will be aired in TPI (Indonesian TV channel on 27 Dec 2008, 10:30

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  1. hi bro,

    When I was at Tidar School, Indonesian Airforce also created similar movie with a jet fighter theme. Dede Yusuf played as “Perwira Ksatria”

  2. Hehe.. thanks for the information. I think I do remember saw the poster of that movie 😀

    Anyway, I have searched the Google for that movie. Similar to Top Gun ?

    There’s a link to the discussion in Indonesian’s Airforce Forum (only accessible through Google Cache)

    Over there they mentioned another movie, titled “Pelangi di Nusa Laut”. The main theme is about the love life of a Navy Ship Captain.

    To think about it, this movie is interesting because it is within the sensitive topic, about Army fighting the separatists. 🙂

  3. never seen this movie b4, where can i get it 4 free offcourse..?:)

  4. @Taufan: udah disiarin di TPI dik… kayaknya gak bakal masuk bioskop