Playing with Google Sets


What do you do when you are looking for a particular word, but you only know other word that somehow you know is related.

Say, you are looking for other words that associated with ‘denial, anger, ….etc’. You’ve read it somewhere, but you forget the URL. Thesaurus couldn’t help you. You totally don’t know that it is actually something called Stages of Grief

So what would you do?

Google Sets might be able to help you. Google Sets will return words related to the one you supplied. I submitted ‘valuair’, and interestingly Google Sets return almost all the names of airlines in South East Asia region.

I must admit there’s no way for user to submit suggestion to the result, so there is a high chance that the result is not what you expected. Unlike pageRank, Google is keeping the Google Sets’ formula secret, making few people intrigued with the idea (1, 2, 3).

What do you think?

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