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In the phenomenon of tabbed browsing, Microsoft was coming very late to adapt it. Perhaps the rising popularity of Firefox, which forced Microsoft to also implement tabbed browser in IE 7.

My first experience with tabbed browser was with Opera. That time, I found tabbed browser much more effective compared to IE’s multiple windows (It was during IE 5-6 time :D). I think that once you are exposed to tabbed document interface, little if not none, the chance of you wanting to return to the ‘single application multiple windows’ interface (SDI + MDI).

If you are pissed when you have many Explorer Windows cluttered in your taskbar, that day is now over.
You can now add tabs to your Windows Explorer.

To get multiple tabs in your Windows Explorer, follow the following steps:

  1. Download the software (QTTabBar)
  2. QTTabBar requires .NET Framework 2.0, download it here if you don’t have it
  3. Extract the zip file to a folder
  4. Run QTTabBar.exe continued with Install_NativeImages.bat
  5. Log Off and then Login to Windows
  6. Open an Explorer Window. Click View-Toolbars, and select the QTTabBar menu.
  7. Voila.. now your Windows Explorer have multiple tabs.

What do you think?

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