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This week I will be stationed at Penjuru warehouse office, somewhere near Jurong East. I will be assisting the delivery arrangement for goods to the customer. My main job would basically calling customer, confirming the delivery date and time. I think it will be fun 🙂

The last time I was doing something like this was many years back, during my university days. It was during the school break, a friend offered us to go for part time job in a call center. Our job is to call a list of numbers, and asked them for survey. It was a sure though job. I don’t think people will waste their time answering questionnaire without anything in return 🙂

This time, it is much easier. Listening that your goods will arrive soon is much more better than answering questionnaire 🙂

Few things that I learned from making a number of phone calls this morning:

  1. Always greet the customer with his/her surname. It is a courtesy to do so
  2. Smile while you are talking. Somehow people actually can ‘hear’ your smile
  3. Confirm the details of the goods to be delivered, and the shipping address
  4. Be careful when customer requested for change of address, or change of recipient. To prevent fraudulent recipient, a further confirmation with the actual buyer is a must.
  5. Repeat all things that has been confirmed.
  6. Say ‘Thank you and have a nice day’ before putting down the phone

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