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This morning something weird happened to me. Every time I opened an Excel document, an error message window popped-up.

Error &h80004005

After googling for a while, I realized that it is related to Excel’s Add-Ins. You can check the Excel’s Add-Ins window (Tools -> Add-Ins), and disable any Add-Ins that previously were not there. Simply un-check the checkbox of the respective Add-Ins and click OK to finalize the changes.

In my case, I was recently installed Crystal Report and it has an Excel Add-Ins.

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system error &h80004005, system error &h80004005 (-2147467259) unspecified error

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  1. Thanks!!!! It really really helps me… I unchecked the Euro Tool ADD in and it was all.
    Thank you very very much!!!!

  2. I’m having this same issue. Unfortunately the add-in is required so I can’t simply turn it off. Can anyone offer a solution that doesn’t require turning the add-in off.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!!!You saved me

  4. Hi, thanks very much for sharing this information, really it was helpful for me.