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As I promised before, I visited Suntec City last Tuesday. I went to Carrefour to visit Wiener Kaffehaus.

So I was standing in front of Wiener Kaffehaus and looking at the pricelist. After slowly skimming through the list of coffee prices, I finally found Kopi Luwak. It listed there that 1 cup for SGD 25, and 100 gr for SGD 62. Jangkrik, I knew Kopi Luwak is expensive, but somehow I feel that $25 for a cup of coffee is too much. My coffee cheapo economical mentality is very likely originated from something that my friend who has recently visited Bali said. He told us that bought one cup of Kopi Luwak in Bali for a mere IDR 30000 (less than SGD 5). That’s damn cheap!

I think I’ll just wait for my upcoming Bali trip.

*)Jangkrik is the Indonesian word for cricket. It was absorbed from the Javanese language. It is also a very mild swore word and mainly used by East Java people. The Australians however, copied it and change it to Crickey….. 🙂

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