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Symptoms: Windows 2003 hangs after booting and never reach the login screen.

Background: ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. It is an open standard that defines platform for hardware discovery, configuration, power management and monitoring.

Possible Cause and Resolution

  1. Cause: CMOS Battery is Dying

    Resolution: Goto CMOS setup, scroll to POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP, hit Enter, look at it, Hit ESC to exit, Anwser Y to save.

    Source: Win2003 freezes at acpitabl.dat solution

  2. Cause: RAID Problem


    1. Turn off the server.
    2. Unplug one of the hard disk in your RAID.
    3. Boot the server. The RAID status now should change to degraded
    4. You should now be able to see the login screen.
    5. Login, do the necessary backup
    6. Plugin the hard disk, rebuild the RAID array with its software

    Source: sbs 2003 r2 acpitabl.dat hang in safe mode

I stopped my search as the solution no 2 solved my problem 🙂 I am still not clear with the exact cause, but I suspect that the RAID controller was having problem synchronizing between hard disks (my server is using RAID-1).

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