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Yesterday, I visited Ainun’s wedding party at An-Nahdah Mosque. It was my first time attending a wedding party that is held in a Mosque (apology to Rahman and Ratih for missing your wedding party, I was with my family in Bali that time :)).

The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious, but one thing that struck my mind that day was the prayer that was given by the Habib (I didn’t get his full name) to Ainun and his Wife. He prayed that Ainun and Yanti will have a barokah life. Barokah as in:

  1. Even when your money is not much, you still found it enough
  2. Even when what you have is not many, you still found it sufficient
  3. Even when you have a little time, you can do many things
  4. Even when you are given a short life, you can achieve so many things

“Houston, we have a problem!”

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