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Forgot your Windows Administrator password? Try this amazing tool: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. You can download the ISO CD image and burn it to a CD as an emergency CD.

No blank CD? No problem. You can also use thumbdrive and make it bootable. How? read README.TXT inside the ISO CD Image file.

Too lazy to read? Well basically it consist of two steps:

  1. Copy all files from the ISO CD Image to the thumbdrive
  2. Assuming that your thumbdrive is mounted as drive F:, open console/command-prompt and execute this command: F:syslinux.exe -ma F:

Thank You, you saved me today 😀

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  1. i’ve extract all files into pendrive, then running this command F:syslinux.exe -ma F: but when running boot start up only cursor blink below left screen, no Offline NT Password appear, i’v tried another option unebootin but what i get it reads usb path that has been installed on not windows path, so i dont know what doing did i did wrong

    • Hi Namkul,

      Make sure your boot sequence is executing the thumbdrive. Btw, does your pendrive show up in Windows as F: drive?