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Does your office is planning to go green? One way to do that is by reducing your office paper consumption. To do that, you can start by encouraging your employees to only print document when it’s really necessary to do so. Often at times, employees will use company’s printer to print that cute picture of a kitten 🙂

To make the ‘encouragement’ to have a little more ‘muscle’, you could put announcement in the printing room that says that the printer usage is being monitored. Of course it should not be just a bluff, you could utilise PUMA to help you monitor the printer usage.

Go Green

Go Green

PUMA is written in VB.NET (.NET 2.0) and SQL Database as the backend. It consist of two parts, the monitoring service (installed on employee’s PC) and the Management Console (act as the server, in which the monitoring services submit their reports). I have not tried it myself, but I already submit it to management for approval 🙂

The usage of computer based business application was supposed to reduce the paper consumption. But actually it ends up increasing it by many folds. Hopefully PUMA will help all of us to reduce our office paper consumptions.

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