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My wireless modem died since last week. Sent them to Huawei Service Center:

Huawei Service Center
No. 2 Handy Road
The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Unfortunately until now I haven’t heard from them. I was going to call them, but Google couldn’t give me the hotline number. So I called Huawei Singapore HQ and asked for the Service Center Hotline number. So here they are, I put the info under a H1 HTML tag so that Google will notice it, and able to give this number to anyone who’s looking for it.

Huawei Singapore Service Center Hotline: 67389193

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  1. Lost my Broadband on Mobile 7.2Mbps – need to replace it. How much does it cost?

    • If you sign up for plan, I think they’ll give a modem for free. Btw, which provider you are using?

  2. No one ever answer. What the hell is this kind of customer service!!

    • I share your pain bro. They didn’t pick up my calls too. So I went to the Cathay, they simply replaced my USB Wireless modem with a new one.

      When I asked why the previous one died, the CS just shrugged her shoulder and said, ‘It just died, lor’.

  3. Poor customer service hotline. No one pick up call.

  4. Not just poor Customer Service! It’s the most horrible one, under the sun!!! Last 3-4 years, I went to their Svc Ctre, then was at Tai Seng Ave. They get the my Mobile Broadband device change without any explanation.

    I contacted my ISP, Singtel but Singtel also not too sure of their office location. What a crab!!!

    Lesson learnt: Never get a provider from a China based Co? (not being biased, its a fact!)

  5. For yr infos, the customer service staff in Huawei told me that they do not have any telephone line in their office so no point to be calling them. Anyway I brough my Mediapad for repair which the customer staff told me that it is within the 7 days warranty and they will have a new replacement for me. But I will need to come back few days later as no stock now. When I came back to get my items, they insist that I will have to take back my old item that have been repair already!! I felt cheated and disappointed with their service and insist also they will have to check with the earlier staff who promised the new replacement. After 5 days of waiting there are no response from them at all. Really lousy and disappointing service, Mediapad got very hot after using for 2 hours!! This will be my first and My last time that I will buy any products from Huawei.

  6. Yes, having some security problems with the Huawei new broadband dongle recently installed. It disabled or reset the existing firewall. Then it performs a LiveUpdate (for what??), intermittently, the new 3G dropped line. So switched back to old dongle, less problem.
    Found a OUC.exe file which it installs and a OUC.log file that contains details of old sites visited.
    Prior to this installation of broadband, the firewall detected numerous attempts to access my PC from China telecoms in various provinces. After the installation, none detected.

    Question : why it need to reset the firewall? why LiveUpdate?

    Sometimes noticed data being sent out more than usual. Normally only 1 check bit is sent for every 8 bit data received.