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Every morning in the office, as I sat in my chair and enjoying my delicious breakfast, I visit I skim through news articles as I chewing the sandwich my wife made me every morning. I usually spent 5-10 minutes for breakfast cum reading Kompas.

Recently, one of their photographer uncover the sad fact that a person under police detention for corruption charges, can easily bribed his way out and watch a tennis match in Bali. Below is the photo of that infamous detainee:

Gayus Tambunan(taken from Multibrand)

Gayus Tambunan

And last night they captured a photo that made me smile:

Nurdin Halid bows down to SBY(photo courtesy of Kompas)

Nurdin Halid bows down to SBY

The photo was taken last night (16 Dec 2010), at Gelora Bung Karno, after Indonesia beat Philippine in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 semi-final match. The guy bowing down is Nurdin Halid. He is the head of Indonesian Football Association. People wants him to step down as Nurdin Halid is a convicted corruptor. You can even check this List of Nurdin Halid’s Sins (in Bahasa Indonesia). The way SBY did not even bother to look at Nurdin gave me a chuckle.

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