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I was searching for a place to host my SVN/Git repositories for my private projects. After hours of searching, I found a number of providers. So I compile some of their basic features, and present it here.

Warning: The interactive table below is created using Yahoo User Interface library (YUI), so you need to enable your Javascript.

Tools used:

  1. Thomas Frank’s Json Editor
  2. YUI DataTable

Disclaimer: The data is provided as it is. I am not liable for any in-correctness in the data. If you found that the data is misleading/incorrect, leave a comment/contact me. I will make a reasonable attempt to incorporate your changes.

Update Feb 3rd 2013

I stopped this tool. For the updated version, please use the new version.

For those of you who interested on how this tool was implemented, you can download the code below:

  • The JSON data: link
  • The YUI control: link
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