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In the past I have talked about using Tora to connect to Oracle. I also listed down downloads of Oracle Client for Windows.

Today I am going to introduce you to SQLPal.


No installation needed! Just download the zip file and extract it at your convenience. You also need to have the latest JRE installed.

Important: If you get an error when connecting to Oracle you need to update the JDBC driver included with SQLpal. Find classes12.jar in your Oracle installation and copy the file over to your SQLpal directory, replacing the existing file.


Setting Up Oracle Connection

Click the ‘power-plug’ icon to initiate connection. It will ask you to provide:

  1. User ID
  2. Password
  3. Oracle’s server host name
  4. Oracle’s server port number
  5. Oracle’s server System ID (SID)

If you don’t know what is your Oracle server’s SID, connect to Oracle using your existing tools, and run the following query:

select instance from v$thread

SQLPal is very simple yet sufficient. It has only four tabs:

  1. SQL Prompt. This tab is pretty much like SQL*Plus with steroid. You can:
    1. run queries
    2. use Up / Down key to retrieve previous queries
    3. bookmark your queries (Bookmarks -> Bookmark last command …)
    4. export query result to Excel (by pressing the Excel icon)
  2. Scratchpad. This tab is just like any other query editor. You can:
    1. load/save SQL file
    2. save query result as HTML
    3. export query result to Excel (by pressing the Excel icon)
  3. Schema Browser. This tab will help you to see the details of every Oracle objects (Procedures, Packages, Functions, Tables, Views, Sequences, Synonims). Some objects are read-only (Tables, Views, Sequences, Synonims). But the rest are editable.
  4. Research. This tab is basically a browser pointing to resources that might help you when you hit a stumbling block.

Try this tiny and efficient tools. I’m sure you going to like it very much!


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