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Arrival of something beautiful
Instantly captures the hearts of many
Radiant, your smile is
Enchanting, your eyes are
Natural fair, your complexion is

Alhamdulillah …
Islam is your faith
Shahadah is your declaration
Hadits after Al-Qur’an, is your life guidance
Akhlakul Karimah is your personality

After 9 months of journey, you came among us
Regardless what the Doctor predicted, you have your own will
Instead of 28 October, you pick 18 October
Far away, I was startled and surprised
All my projects, tasks, I immediately left them behind
Nevertheless, I couldn’t witness your miraculous birth
Thanks to God, for the safety and health of you, and your mother
Only to God, we worship. And only to God we ask for help

Welcome to the world, my beautiful daughter–Airen Aisha Arifanto. Your Dad and your Mom always pray that you become a beautiful, healthy, intellectual, strong and pious muslimah with akhlakul karimah.. Amiiien…


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  1. cucunya ibu dan ayah, wait for your cousin my dear niece ^^

    • wow.. positive? Alhamdulillah =)