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After watching video on F# by Don Syme in Channel 9 MSDN, I found it very good and decided to download it. While waiting my download, I saw the link to his blog. Since I never read his blog, I quickly clicked the link to his blog. That’s I think the least form of respect to someone who have created a programming language. 🙂

Over at his blog, I mostly skim through between post titles and excerpts. I’m not to say that I’m not interested, but I think I will find it hard to digest. Considering that I never programmed in F# yet. Anyway, one post caught my eyes, Job at MSR Cambridge: Infer.NET. Don’t ask why this post got caught in my eyes 😀 (Nudge..Nudge..Wink..Wink..Say No More).

Anyway here’s excerpt of his post:

Microsoft Research Cambridge is seeking talented software developers to work on the Infer.NET project (

Infer.NET is a framework for developing and deploying machine learning and inference solutions. It has been developed within the Machine Learning and Perception group, which has an excellent track record of incorporating leading edge research into bestselling products including the body part recognition technology in Kinect for Xbox 360 and the advertising prediction algorithm used in Bing. Be a part of the next of wave of the data driven computing revolution!

After describing all the technical requirements for the candidate, Don Syme closes it with this paragraph:

Interested candidates should contact John Bronskill ( with a resume or CV or formally apply using one of the links below:

The hilarious part was on the comment section. I take screenshot here for your viewing pleasure.

hilarious commenters on Don Syme's blog

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete comment on Don Syme’s blog. But luckily, this “Roman” dude never left his full name. Otherwise, this could be quite embarassing for him 😀

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