Free Web Workshop on Reactive.NET

Reactive.NET is an extension to LINQ which will make asynchronous programming a breeze. It has been around for quite sometime. I first heard about it maybe 2-3 years ago, but I didn’t have the will-power to follow through. But today at office I re-realize that asynchronous programming is really hard. All these plumbing methods and delegates are simply boring.

So I found the needed video workshops at Channel 9. I think they have the order quite mixed-up. So here are the video workshops in the correct order:

  1. Rx Workshop: Introduction
  2. Rx Workshop: Observables versus Events
  3. Rx Workshop: Unified Programming Model
  4. Rx Workshop: Writing Queries
  5. Rx Workshop: Schedulers
  6. Rx Workshop: Event Processing
  7. Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence
  8. Rx Workshop: Programming the Cloud

I’ll write more post about Reactive.NET once I become familiar with it 🙂

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