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By the Zeus’ golden, long, soft and silky nasal hair!!!

I saw this really cool video by Google in Youtube about the new Android Phone. Since it was posted on 4th April, I doubt that this is another April Fools from Google. In case you didn’t notice, this year Google treats us with 8-bit Google Maps for NES, Google Fiber BarA fiberlicious source for your daily fiber consumption, and GMail Tap – a new GMail which the keyboard is shrinked to just 3 buttons, dot, dash and space. And yes, you need to type using Morse Code :D.

Alright, back to the new Android Phone. By comparing these two videos below, I somehow have a conviction that Google has secretly invented a Time Machine. Used it to travel to year 3000 AD, and stole MomCorp‘s trade secret 😀

eyePhone from the year 3000 AD

Google’s Glass from the year 2012

I for one, couldn’t wait for this product to be released 🙂 While waiting, you can follow their progress with this technology at Project Glass.

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  1. is it real bro?…what an awesome gadget, i’m curious since it’s came from futurama’s told 🙂