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Last Monday I saw an interesting post about managerial skill. It’s about asking someone to leave your company. I don’t have any company yet, but when I do, and I need to ask someone to leave, the points raised in that article should provide a good guideline.

The points are:

  1. Be quick. Once you have decided to let go someone, quickly action on it. Don’t procrastinate. Prepare all the terms requiered, and immediately have the conversation with that person
  2. Be generous. Unless it is a major failure/mistake, try to part in the best term as possible with the person. If possible, give severence pay even when it is not required.
  3. Be clear. When having the conversation, start with the hard stuff. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t use confusing words. Prepare the reasons why you let go that person, in case he/she is asking for it.
  4. Get advice. There is a possibility that letting the person go will create legal exposure to the company. Ask advice from lawyer regarding your situation.
  5. Communicate. Don’t let the rumours get ahead of you. Make sure the rest of the company is well informed about this decision. Be consistent with what you said to the person, and with what you said to the rest of the company. Never ever bad-mouthed that person after he/she left the company.

For the original article–complete with the informative discussions, visit Fred Wilson’s blog post.

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  2. haha… article I read only lei… interesting bo? be a good boss 🙂

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  4. Haha… Of course la. I’m not in position of asking someone to leave. But if I was asked to leave, I hope they treat me as above 😉

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