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Background Story

Around three weeks ago, GoDaddy (where I was hosting this blog) suffered a downtime. Although they’re back online within 48 hours, something bad had happened to shared server that hosted my blog. I don’t really know the details, but I only know the outcome. This blog become super slow, intermittently spitted out timeout error, and frequently crashed (I need to terminate the web process from Hosting Control Panel). Being a good customer, I raised ticket and gave them chance to resolve this problem. But after two weeks with no improvement, my patience ran out. So I spent last week moving out this blog to Amazon EC2.

Why Amazon EC2? I can’t really elaborate why. But I can say that it’s a weird logic combination of:

  1. The Amazon brand
  2. I’ve seen many cool projects are hosted in Amazon EC2
  3. Free tier usage!!
  4. Learn something new 😀

Using few guides that I found on the Net, I managed to achieved the setup that I want. It wasn’t a smooth sailing though. In the end, I learned something new and now I write this guide hopefully will get you on a smooth sailing migrating your WordPress blog from GoDaddy to Amazon EC2.

Alright, let’s get dirty!!

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About Hardono

Hi, I'm Hardono. I am working as a Software Developer. I am working mostly in Windows, dealing with .NET, conversing in C#. But I know a bit of Linux, mainly because I need to keep this blog operational. I've been working in Logistics/Transport industry for more than 11 years.

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