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Today I found out a secret. We were travelling to DHL Warehouse at Alps Avenue when it was happened. As we are driving along Changi Coast Road, my colleague started to accelerate to around 80 KM/h. If I remember correctly, the speed limit on that stretch of road is 70 KM/h. Mind you that Changi Coast Road is a long straight road next to Changi Airport’s runaway. So it’s very easy to get tempted to over speed.

Then we saw it. Almost every cars that driving in the opposite direction signaled us with their high-beam light. It took us 2-3 cars before we notice their signal. Our first thought was we ran over something, and that something is stuck in front of the car. So my friend immediately pressed the hazard-sign light and slowed down. We stopped and get out of the car and checked the front side of the car. Hmm… weird, nothing is stuck there.

So we continue to drive. Not more than 100 meters from where we stopped, we found out the truth. There was Traffic Police officers conducting speed check! We saw one car already kena pulled over.

Instantly we all laughed realizing that the signals were meant “Slow down, there’s traffic Mata ahead”.

Of course I’m not advocating over speeding. The rules in Singapore is clear. If the speed limit is 60 KM/h, you can speed at most 69 KM/h. If your speed is 10-19 KM/h above the speed limit and kena, you’ll receive warning letters (three times at most, then they’ll summon you to court). If your speed is more than 19 KM/h above the speed limit and kena, you’ll need to pay a visit to court.

Drive/ride safely folks!

Changi Coast Road

Changi Coast Road

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